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August 4, 2009

Dutch Graffiti, etc.

Dutch Graffiti, originally uploaded by Seligmans Dog.

I saw this in the stall at the zoo. Because it's in another language, I'm feeling all CSI about it. I gather the perp was male, right-handed, tedious (look how nice that umlaut was), maybe cowardly (it was done in a stall, not in the main bathroom area), creative (pleasant curves on the tag), and I don't know how vulgar he was. I can't read Dutch; for all I know this could be incredibly offensive.

We're layin' low today. We're tired. We took a cruise around the canals today and talked with a woman who looked grateful not to be seeing Europe with a 6 year old. We ate more friets in a bar, drank coffee & milk and Chocomel. Walked too much (with Frankie on my shoulders) and bought all her friends at school a small souveneir.

Here's my kid tips for Amsterdam:
1. Rent a bike for your entire stay. It won't be a waste. One round of whining because their feet hurt will want to make you gouge your eyes out. The risks of biking are far less than the danger your child will be in if they piss you off for hours on end.

2. Eat at the Artis (Zoo); after the sunk cost of admission, it's cheap and they have good food.

3. If your child can't walk about 10 miles/day, see #1.

4. Don't do something like a peddle boat; they don't have a potty. You'll pay lots for the rental and won't get more than 15 minutes use out of it.

5. Do take the canal boats. Can hop on and off all day AND THEY HAVE A POTTY on board.

6. Every bar/cafe has a potty. The owners appear not to care if you run off the street in a full sweat to use it. Buy a coffee from them if you feel bad. Some even have a money bowl near the bathroom. If you do have to pay, it's only 50 cents.

7. Look online and learn the way to cross a street. Your child or yourself can hurt a cyclist or yourself easily.

8. Small stores are all over and a light meal can be found easily: cheese, bread, fruit and wine or beer. LOTS of middle eastern treats are here too (doner kebab, falafel, hummous, etc.).

9. The hotel shampoo can be used for just about anything.

All for now, I'm doing some laundry in the tub this afternoon.

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