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August 6, 2009

There's a cat in every cafe. This guy joined us for b'fast yesterday.

Every restaurant and cafe seems to have a cat. One night we had one on an adjacent table. The waiter walked by and gave him a little love before he pushed him off.

I thought the frequent stops at cafes would bore the kid, but it happens that it fits with their grazing type meal schedule. Yesterday, we had a pretty rough day with everyone tired. I think jet lag may be over in the short run, but actually takes a long time to get over completely. Tomorrow we'll leave here at 8 and get home by noon. Westbound is always easier.

This morning we're eating in our room for breakfast so Frankie can relax and catch her breath. One of the parents at the conference told us there was a euro-chuck-e-cheese. We can't wait. We're skipping the museum scene for the more kid-friendly things.

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