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August 20, 2009

Bon Appetit

Left work early today for a couple hour vacation to rendezvous with the Mrs. and watch the (not animated) movie based on the Julie/Julia project. I read this site once in a while in the early days of my food site.

The movie captured the true silliness of a blog. Tucci and Streep and the rest of the casting were brilliant. Tucci was born for food movies (remember Big Night?). What nearly destroyed the night was our after-movie dinner. I have a strange affinity for plain food like from Hometown Buffet, but we went a step lower tonight, Golden Corral (on 161). It was particularly bad tonight and likely the very last time for us. DO see the movie. DO NOT go to Golden Corral.

I can't wait to read Julia Child's book.


askliu said...

oddly I passed by a Golden Corral when I was back home visiting my parents in TX and wanted to check it out after a long (~10yr?) hiatus...I didnt go but sounds I made a wise move.

Nancy said...

I loved the movie. We had Mexican food afterward; it was delicious. I can't believe you went to GC, my sympathy on that one. I'd like to find the book too.

Anonymous said...

I just started the Julia book and I can't put it down!!! You will love it.