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September 24, 2009

I knew Sally Beauty was cooperating with terrorists.

The case of Najibullah Zazi caught my attention. About 6 months ago I discovered a veritable warehouse of dangerous (in the wrong hands) chemicals. These reagents are stored, improperly, at Sally Beauty. The nearest one is in Graceland. There are actually GALLON JUGS of acetone lining their shelves. Maybe enough to cause the decimation of about 1/4 of Graceland shopping center (a wild approximation) if one of those jugs found a source of ignition. They also have enough hydrogen peroxide to make everyone in Columbus look like an 80's hair band member.

I was giddy with excitement when I found this resource and immediately signed up; I'm a Sally Beauty VIP member (card and all). I use these materials when developing lessons for the kiddies. The hydrogen peroxide is pretty cool to use as a substrate for enzymes present in fruits and veggies.

I feel bad now because I never forgot that image of acetone bottles on those shelves. 1 gallon of acetone could result in an ignited cloud of 1400 Liters. That's scary. The explosion from this would be amazing. Because of this news coverage, I'm guessing these bottles disappear. If they don't, I'll be thinking of some way to make it happen.


(Auntie) Denise said...

I'm a glamazon, and I am not a card-carrying member of Sally Beauty. You never cease to amaze and surprise me!

Dave said...

For pretty obvious reasons, I was as unlikely as Zazi buying as much hair lightener as I did, but the savings was as much as the card cost for a year. I just hope the feds didn't take down my information.

Denise said...

An enigma rapped in a riddle .... Missing you! ;D