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November 17, 2009

Fun with measurement

Trying to stem the tide of the expanding middle of middle age is the motivation of today's post.

Dusted off my ancient Polar heart monitor, changed the battery and wore it for the past few days to see what various daily activities register for cardio potential.

Bad news:
• Eating bagels with cream cheese is unlikely to result in dramatic weight loss.

Good news:
• Raking tons of leaf biomass is pretty good.
• Walking at a good clip is pretty darn good exercise too, but, don't walk too slow or you could die!
• The original (and free) stairmaster - stairs - is pretty amazing at getting some serious beats per minute during the day.

Other observations:
• Sitting at an excruciating luncheon in which all the people seem to cause severe angst results in an elevated heart rate. I not sure if it is enough to cancel the calories eaten because you're scrambling to keep your hands busy during the painful periods of discussionless discomfort.

Any other activities you want me to measure?


Not Important said...

Driving in heavy traffic.

Bicycling at leisurely pace on flat ground and on mildly hilly ground.

Playing an action-oriented video game that is not on the Wii, nor is it Dance Dance Revolution.

Dave said...

Hmmm, can do the traffic and bike stuff, no access to video games unless at Chuck E Cheese's. Bookmark and come back sometime.

Lorence said...

Try adding some nice salty Nova to that cream cheesed bagel. Works for me.