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November 3, 2009

On inheritance

Another note taker in the family
The scariest part of parenting (after the first day the kid is in your care - sans nurse) is the realization your child will inherit things from you. What's scary about that? You have no control over which things they will inherit.

I'm a list person. Notes and lists script my life. I jot down lots of stuff:
- search expressions throughout the day (today's is " momofuku"),
- things to pick up on the way home (floss),
- what's for dinner that night (seared scallops on a bed of arugula, buy arugula),
- new food experiments (steamed, pork-stuffed dim sum) ...

The notes are often cryptic; only things meaningful to me really. It may sound counterintuitive, but my note liberates me so I can walk around mindfully and not get hit by a car walking across High St.

Tonight I saw this on the desk and I paused. She's going to be a list person. Borderline Type A I fear. I know I'm responsible, but don't regret it. I know nothing can be done, for better or worse.


Not Important said...

I don't have a compulsion to make lists, but they do make my days a little easier.

One of my good friends organized his week-long Las Vegas trip with a calendar view itinerary he created in Excel that showed where he needed to be and when for shows and side trips, then he filled in explicit nap time and gambling time. He said it would have been the least stressful vacation he'd taken in recent memory, save for his choice of travelling companion.

Also, I use an RSS reader with very small type, and I'm rapidly approaching 40, so I'm seeing letters that aren't really there sometimes. I completely thought you wrote "sealed scallops..." What are they sealed in?

Mom said...

The "Experiment" at the top of the list makes me so proud...

Auntie Denise said...

I also am a "list" person. I write them for everything. I was so proud of her list. That is amazing. Experiment - that's great. She's even got TV in there! I'm amazed! ;D

Dave said...

mmm, sealed scallops. That's a little seal skin wrapped around a scallop and seared.

I was pretty curious Experiment and TV were on the same list. I don't actually put tv on my lists, it's what I default to when I'm about to pass out. I am grateful for their relative placement.