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January 3, 2010

Desires for a new year

Installments will continue until Jan 5

13. Find a boys' 20" bike at a thrift store for myself.
12. Make a nice wispy light baguette and sketch out a design for a real bread machine. Get investors perhaps.
11. Start dating my wife again.
10. Help Frankie focus her energy using a kinder (but still loud) tone.
9. Vacation in a hotel on a coast and do nothing but go between the hotel room and beach (and eat).
8. Lose 4-5 lbs.
7. Feed more friends using my slightly modified Firedome.
6. Refine my get rich schemes so they actually work.
5. Vacuum the house more often.
4. Figure out when to capitalize.
3. Work on my point n shoot images.
2. Make my lists more realistic.
1. Surf less, think more.

1 comment:

Rosie said...

You need to make sure you tackle the whole loose weight thing AFTER the whole vacation thing.

Also for number 7 - have you ever done naan? I will make curry if you do some tandoori action...