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February 17, 2010

The best seat in all of Columbus

Last Sunday was one of the infamous Studio 35 beer tasting / movie events. A full tasting is 10 x 5 oz. cups, filled about 1/2 way and followed by a movie. I took some notes on the beers, but I can't read them beyond the first brew.

These beer tastings are nuts. Packed house, pizza delivered from down the street, popcorn, candy, a bunch of kids even attended, more than usual. Frankie came with us (we walked). The movies shown on these nights are pretty bad - dreadfully bad, but after a couple hours of beer tasting, a really bad movie is apt. Sunday's feature was the 1991 Clash of the Titans. Absolutely horrible flick, how does Harry Hamlin live with himself? My sincere thanks to the owners for organizing such a great time for the locals.

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Rosie said...

Clash of the Titans holds a special place in my heart - even though it is a stinker of a movie.

I saw it when it first opened at a movie theater called the Forum off of Refugee Rd when I was 15. I took my kid brother with me. We were two of only four people in the whole theater, so we could hoot and hollar all we wanted. Awesomely bad movie - awesomely fun time...

It was also the last Ray Harryhausen special effects movie, so it has that going for it too...