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April 27, 2010

The past weeks

Things are still screwed up on Dave's Beer.  Despite what you see, I can't seem to publish to the www subdomain.  I created a new subdomain called drink, i.e.,, ha, ha, better than and the blog publishes just peachy.  If I try to publish to the www subdomain, I get the infamous message from Google "Another blog is already hosted at this address."  It's driving me nuts.  I gave in and just did a redirect of the naked domain to  Get all that?  Took me LOTS of fussing with DNS.  Stupid blog's therapy anyway.

Stay tuned dear readers.


Anonymous said...

I need my daily dose of Dave's Beer as badly as my cup of Joe!
The other Dave from Bolton Hill

Dave said...

I love you man.

Anonymous said...

You complete me.

Peggy V. said...

I wondered why I wasn't able to pull you up. I was beginning to think the problem was on my end.