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April 8, 2010

Good local Columbus business

After my recent attack on Clintonville Community Market (service almost always disappoints) and Rag O Rama (very worn clothes, premium prices), I'm finally here with some good vibes from the local business scene:

Rafiels Salon (C'ville)
Stop laughing, it was not for me. Frankie got a shampoo, a little massage and cute bob from Chelsea for only $20. Waaay better than the clips-between-drags-of-a-cigarette job she got at Cookie Cutters.

Weilands Gourmet Market
A couple weeks ago, I bought some food that was just not right - with the cost of food high, I went to return it; within a couple syllables of my description of the problem, the manager first introduced himself and within another minute I had a giftcard for 1.5 times the price of the food in question. Awesome. Their spirits section is awesome too - stop in on Saturday afternoon for a "full flight." 4 Small beer tastings for $2.

Finding someone to admit they like Starbucks is like getting one to admit their loyalty to following the torrid life of the Olsen twins (Ashley has always been in the shadow of Mary Kate). Starbucks at High and Broadway is a cool hangout. I hate their drip coffee, but enjoy the espresso. Doppio in a demitasse is my drink. The baristas actually know their customers, it's a US owned company, they give to their community, every worker is a local and its always got a good crowd - someone out there likes them. It's a well run business and I'm glad it's there. And, I like the campus location because I get to eavesdrop on prattling Facebook-obsessed students; way better than parenting books.

Gentiles for Homebrew Supplies
Unlike another homebrew store in the area, this one (of the two) is awesome. Prices actually lower than online! Yesterday, I noticed a bag of grain that decreased in price, about $44/50 lbs. I asked the guy why grain went down. He said "because I'm not a whore." I'm now his customer for life.

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