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May 13, 2010

Give me my Megamillions number, power of the masses

ok, in the comments, I need 5 numbers between the 1-56 and one number 1-46

If you enter a number anonymously, I can't split with you, otherwise, I'll probably choose the cash option and we'll split.  Have at it...


Mom said...

3 11 17 23 31 - 43

Dave said...

I'll consider those for next Tuesday's drawing, even though it's a sympathy comment.

Lorence said...


I used to play those before I heard some one say
"Ah, the lottery. Gambling for people that are bad at math..."
Present company excepted, of course...:)

Dave said...

Thanks Lorence. It's clear you're not a nube. I'll be picking that number when I get home for tomorrow night's pick.

Not Important said...

#! /usr/bin/perl

for($i=0,$i<=4,$i++) {
$n = int(rand 56) + 1;
print "$n, ";

$n = int(rand 46) + 1;

print "$n\n";

Dave said...

Now this is cool! I need to get to my unix environment and I'll run it tomorrow.