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May 14, 2010

The health benefits of parenting

Been tabulating steps in my sidebar.  Of all the health metrics, a simple pedometer count gives me the best feedback on how healthy my day's been.  On a busy Saturday or Sunday, 20K steps is close to normal.  Typical M - F, I shoot for at least 10K.  If you look at the value for today, it's a whopping not-quite-4,000 steps.  You have to work hard to move so little in a day.

Today, I had the worst of the worst parenting situation.  A really, really busy work day, a kid with a LOT of demands, LOTS of errands and because all us parents hover in the days of too much CSI - no chance to escape for a walk because no sitter.  All this translates to lots of little car rides and very little walking.

She's in the bath now - I'm gonna go fall on the floor and do some push-ups, if I don't fall asleep first.

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