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May 4, 2010

Pedometers on Ebay, they're like the Cabbage Patch Dolls of my youth

So I bought my fantasy pedometer and, when I got it, realized it was about the size of a small cat and about as comfortable to carry around.  Slightly used and unable to be returned, I tried to cut my losses and sell it back.  I bought it for $22.99/free shipping and now it's being bid up crazy.

When I buy on Ebay, it's strictly "Buy it now," auctions are useless.  If I do partake in an auction, I put in my price and let the proxy take over and let things happen.  Sometimes it works, sometimes not, but I never get dragged in to this ridiculous game.  THIRTEEN bids so far.  It's fascinating.  This OMRON HJ 112 is available for Buy It Now all over the place for the same $21-23 (no shipping), yet this riotous gang is staying with this until the end.  Oh, and the 13 bids have been placed by only 5 individuals, so I know they're hovering.  I will never understand the lure of the auction.

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