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July 16, 2010

Comments? Please, no.

Obituaries.  Fun reading indeed.  There are the big people; so big, their obits are likely a dynamic tribute that evolve throughout their life waiting for the inevitable.

Then there are average Joes.  These are my favorite.  They were born, lived, grew up, lived more, worked and died.  They were us.  They are who I find most interesting.

Best  place to find average Joes?  No better than Petoskey, MI.  I have no idea how I found these, but I come to the Petoskey News obits at least once a week.  Some time ago, however, I noticed they added a comment section beneath the obituary.  This isn't good.  There is content on the web in which comments add to the discussion - and, there are situations where a reader should respectfully shut up.  An obit is one. I don't think I'm alone in my view.  I haven't seen a single remembrance with a comment.  I can't even imagine what one would say.

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Lorence said...

Not a fan of the obits, but I do like Petosky. Have you been? If you ever get there, stay at the Bay View Inn. Had a fantastic meal there back in '97 when we wre on our way to Mackinaw Island for our 10th anniv.