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July 20, 2010

My real iPad stylus

I heard a story on NPR a while back about tablesaw injuries.  Apparently, there's been safety technology in place for years that can prevent fingers from being cut off.  The cool thing is it's been throughly tested on a hot dog, for this purpose, very much like a finger.  

After this story, I got the brilliant idea to see if a Slim Jim too had similar properties to a finger and tried one to write on my spiffy iPad (writing with one's finger isn't the best).  Quite a leap of logic there, eh?  The Slim Jim worked, but the Slim Jim can take its toll on one's system.  I kept searching for a stylus.  I stumbled on MakeZine's attempt at making a stylus.  I bought some conductive foam on Ebay and voilá, my version of their idea.  Works pretty well.  

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