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June 3, 2011

The smartphone. Why I'm late to the party.

I finally succumbed to the smartphone. The web-enabled world is now at my fingertips. I avoided it for so long.

I put if off for many reasons. I didn't want to turn into a heads down kind of guy. I feared my brethren at Crest would revoke my seat license. I feared I'd annoy people. I didn't want to become lazy thinking about the questions I thrive on throughout the day, and this was the biggie. Would I forget how to think? I've carried around a notepad forever writing questions down. I'd think about them during the day and at night, delve into the web to figure them out - if my curiosity on that particular topic lasted that long.

In the past week I've had the following questions perking away:
  • How does the female:male twitter participation differ from the female:male membership?
  • Can I do my own front bearing job? I read lots and no.
  • Am I callous because I eschew the sbux tip jar? (haha, that's a joke)
  • Will my vertical flamethrower work? I'm concerned about the airflow in the cylinder.
  • What's the state of the arsenic-containing bacterium discovery?
  • Why did CMH -> CDG tix plummet this past week and are now expensive again?
  • What is it like to bake in a silicone pan?
  • Where the hell is Homestead Park?
  • How does a prisoner find enough hope to live?
  • Why does the Kroger-brand of instant active yeast reproducibly suck?
  • How will we survive the daycare gap between end of school and beginning of Summer camp?
  • When does the Summer series of Studio 35 kid movies start?
  • When do I capitalize seasons?
  • The logistics of do ahead dough for pizza production, anticipating a pizza 'n pbr tweetup ...
  • The confusion of personal and market norms when it comes to end of year gifts for teachers ...
  • etc.
I should have known. Even with the web, the answers aren't so immediate. Wisdom gleaned from the web, regardless of how fast it is delivered, rarely stops an inquiry, it provides a piece to the puzzle.

It's been a weeek and I have no buyers remorse. I still think, I listen to more audiobooks, I still have my seat at Crest, I still avoid phone conversations at any cost, but I do indulge in the occasional move in a Words with Friends game between sips of ale, sorry.

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