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May 26, 2014

Dear Columbus Ohio Police

It's finally warm and for the next few months, our evenings will be intermittently filled with the sounds of helicopters looking for perps. So, @ColumbusPolice, it's time to justify that stupid helicopter.
How much did it cost?
How much is the fuel for a casual night of searching?
Has it ever once in the history of its possession been useful to catch someone?
How many cruisers aren't on the road because of it?

Here's an image of one of our densely wooded ravines - one of many favorite hangouts for your helicopter.  If I were escaping, I don't think there's anywhere in the city I could hide better from an aircraft than here.


Anonymous said...

Great points. I love on Walhalla and they are circling quite a bit.


Anonymous said...

Live on. I do love it though....


Joseph said...

Yes, a police helicopter like that works best with ground forces also on patrol. And it would certainly be good to hear how it has been useful in actual police work since they've had it.