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November 30, 2005

Are we there yet?

As I've aged, I have grown to enjoy winter less than anyone I know. Why didn't we evolve to hibernate? I have this obsession (maybe more than one) with this weather forecast. It's the ten day forecast for Columbus. I keep looking at it hoping: a. there's no snow and b. I see it end on March 1st. To me, March 1st means I made it. March 1st is essesntially spring. It could be -10 degrees but I know Spring is just around the corner; it's enough to keep me going. Unfortunately, all I'm seeing is light snow and December 9th. Yuk. I think I'll go and watch the Grinch.


Dave said...

icch. We need to move somewhere warmer.

Anonymous said...


I love snow!

Just think maybe a day off work!!!

Anonymous said...

I say we all move to Arizona before it becomes too expensive!

Dave said...

Arizona sounds PERFECT.