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March 9, 2006

Maybe there'll be seats at the coffee shop now

Last Saturday Trish took Frankie for the morning while I did some grocery shopping. I made a quick stop in a local Cup 'O Joe's and found all of the tables were filled - or - half filled. There was a person sitting at nearly every table and also seated was their laptop, battery pack, extra drive, etc. It was ridiculous. I actually couldn't find a seat because of their computers. One guy even had this behemoth Seagate powerpack (or something) sitting in its own chair.

Origami to the rescue? A tiny MS full functioning computer that's really little and cute. I wonder if it'll catch on and free up some of those seats?

I also wonder how much Microsoft offered for their domain name (incidentally, a neat site)?

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Dr.John said...

Your lucky to live near a coffee shop with or without computers.