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July 27, 2006

"Say Lou, didya hear the one about the guy who couldn't afford personalized plates so he went and changed his name to J3L2404? "

--Marge Gunderson, Fargo
Ohio vanity plates I've seen driving the streets of Columbus (updated as I see 'em):

EQULIZR - my new neighbor, yikes, behemoth lexus
ITS ME OK - blue minivan
SWE PEA - what else, a green vw bug
MINI HUM - honda element
OPOSSUM - chevy tahoe
THAT CAR - a local!
MALIGLU* - artcar
TOYART* - artcar
PLAID* - artcar
ARTCART* - artcar
ARTGEKO* - artcar
OHCORN* - artcar
GENIUS - frugal, old toyota corolla
NVMYMPG - prius
CYNIC - coooool plate
ICE CREM - mini van filled with kids going to get ice cream no doubt
Y AMIN OH - don't know, i like it here
UR A RAMP - a hummer h2, should've read "i am a asshole"
U PRAY - nope, I don't
PZLPCE - puzzle piece, how cool is that?
TLC ASAP - er nurse?
MAN TO MAN - a manly man in a manly ford f-150, manly
OSU HART - my neighbor and apparent alum
I AM LONG - um ... a tall dude, i guess
LIV2EAT - beamer, very cool
LVDOGS - acura, dog lovers are simply better people than the rest
LAS LAF - a big ugly white thing that cut me off this morning on high
6 VOLTZ - blue minivan
LOWR CO2 - ford escape hybrid
GASSVR - toyota prius
IOPENIT - suv, unlocking service
OCRUSH - you guessed it, another vw bug (orange)
SUSPEND - scion xb
EBAY IT - white saturn vue
DTH EATR - so astounded by the plate, i don't remember the vehicle
DQ 4LIFE - suv, someone passionate about the chili dogs at dairy queen
7 BOYS - gmc, denali, the only justified use of an suv
ACME AIR - red honda element
PIERCED - pickup truck
LOK IT UP - tricked out honda
GRR8DAY - way too happy suv driver
MUSTARD - yellow chevy hhr
KATCHOO - a beater, license plate was the best part
INABOX - white scion xB, the one that looks like a box
MITY BUG - vw of course
IMG OF U - ford explorer, local business owner
BUCKEYZ - chevy van
LAMINAT - honda element
MOTHMAN - subaru, cousin of mothera
MACMOBL - vw golf, what is it about mac users and vw owners?
SPACEBUG* - an old vw beetle painted with holographic paint
GET FUN - mini cooper
JP SELLS - realtor in a stupid hummer h2
ION - as in accelerator, model was fast and slick
GOT EGGS - behemoth red ford f-350
MINI PIG - mini cooper
ZAMBONI - scion xb, the boxy ones that look like a zamboni
TAHOLLA - ford escape (means direction, way in finnish)
FAST LN 1 - red ford-f150 (race fan)
BUG CAR - what else, vw bug
AMBIGRM - chevy "art" car (very decorated)
POOPY - chevy
COMPANY - big, big chrysler
CHEVRE - chevy cavalier
ZM ZM ZM - miata (free advertising for them, thanks Jason)
GRNEYEZ - hyundai, oddly, NOT green

* submitted by commenters


Anonymous said...

Seen yesterday:
SPACEBUG - an old VW beetle painted with holographic paint

Anonymous said...

I saw "KATCHOO" today and it was a temp tag. I suspect the plate was stolen.

Bonk at Home said...

I Like NVMYMPG and of course my favorite BONK 1

Dave said...

NVMYMPG is at my daughter's daycare. I probably know you. I've never seen BONK 1 though. Very cool. Real?

Anonymous said...

For pictures of AMBIGRM, as well as THATCAR, check out .

Today, the Miata will be retired and the Chevy will become THAT CAR, which is easier to understand than AMBIGRM.

Other artcar plates in Columbus include Maliglu, ToyArt, Plaid, ArtCart, ArtGeko and OHCorn.

Dave said...

Cool, thanks for the new plates.

Anonymous said...

ZM ZM ZM on a Mazda Miata this morning.

Anonymous said...

The best one I've seen is:
I think it was on a minivan.

I worked at the BMV for a while, and you wouldn't believe some of the plates people try to get through. This woman totally ripped me a new one because I wouldn't allow S AND M.(She insisted it was her and hubby's initials). But if a clerk lets it through and the state catches it, the agency gets charged for it.