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April 25, 2007

MoMo2 Today! @ 11:45 for wings/light lunch and maybe a string.

Quaint but enjoyable today. The infamous Walker and Anne and Sarah showed up for a light lunch.

How's MoMo2? Better than I thought. I got a dish called "bulgoki rice" which was tender beef strips served with rice and some lettuce. A bit small for $6.99 but was very good. I noticed a bunch of tasty looking appetizers (tofu, spring rolls, etc.). I gathered the appetizers the others got were just fair. And, the cashier told me no bumpers on the bowling alleys, so kid bowling's out. Walker said the Karaoke rooms are small (fitting about 10 people or so) and are kind of fun (although it would take a bottle of Jack Daniels to get me to do Karaoke).

So, looks like a nice place to meet friends for pool, bowling and a snack (and, Karaoke), but not exactly kid-friendly.


Unknown said...

I found your blog looking for info about Momo2. I didn't know they had food. Do you know if they serve liquor?

Dave said...

Hey Bernard,

I think I noticed a shelf of bottles (beer) when I was in there for lunch. I must've been too drunk to remember which ones they carry.

(no, seems they serve beer though, I think that's it)