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June 3, 2007

The time I nearly parted the Red Sea

Saturday was darn fun. Despite Frankie acting wild and running our butts off all morning in 90-deg heat with intense humidity, we barely survived to make it to the North Market where we ran through the farmer's market, Frankie was photographed for a North Market Cookbook and we met with Rosie, Lisa and Lorence (wasn't familiar with your site Lorence, looking forward to future visits!), some fellow Columbus Food bloggers, very pleasant. It was great fun to meet the people behind these local online culinary efforts.

We got home around noon and started with the glamorous chores of parenting: passing out for a an hour (a nap for us, not her), doing laundry, etc. Then, the drain of the washing machine backed up flooding the mudroom.

The washing machine was down!

I put in a call to my right hand plumber, Calhoun's and said, with a quivering voice, it wasn't urgent and could wait until the next business day. I lied; Frankie was on her 3rd outfit of the day and the laundry was stacking up fast. While making bread for dinner, I zipped to Lowe's during the first rise and bought a 15' drain snake, traced drain lines for a while and, after dinner, went at that clog like a maniac too crazed to wait the 48 hours and minimum $400 plumber charge, AND IT WORKED!

I am the least likely man on earth to do any home maintenance job (successfully), but I prevailed and maybe even saved us several hundred dollars. Damn was I proud of myself.

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endangered coffee said...

Yes, I (temporarily) fixed a toilet once, and I felt like Bob-freakin-Vila afterwards.