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February 27, 2008

I'm hooked


Well, this Chuck E. Cheese thing is officially out of hand. I actually suggested it for our night out this week. And, I bought the super discount 100 token package.

I did realize the dirty secret of the palace of Chuck. The prizes are being traded at massively inflated ticket prices. Why? Last night I found out why. The parents actually play the games more than their kids do. I saw this guy smash the hammer game about 40 times straight. His family had a stack of tickets on their table that, if they were worth a nickel a piece, he'd have had a night comped at the Luxor. It's just wrong.

We had a blast though.


Not Important said...

There's a game place at a Big Mall in Capital City on the East side near the outerbelt. I've looked at ticket prizes there, and I think I can get a little plastic comb for about 100 tickets. I would end up spending about $10 to $15 on the sure-thing games for that little comb.

You could do an analysis of risk/return on Chuck E. Cheese games and publish it in a peer-reviewed journal.


Anonymous said...

Only $10-$15? I think we paid about $20 for a plastic heart bracelet.

tinotchka said...

Oh, you're just jealous.


BTW, I hate winky emoticons. Not to mention text shortcuts like BTW.

Did you add the Open ID, or did Blogger? Lord, I'm behind the times...

Anonymous said...

Damn jealous. I wanted those tickets. Me and that guy almost went head to head on that hammer slam machine too.

Blogger put the openid thingy in there. I read a bit at but can't figure out the benefit of signing up and using it.

I just use the Name/URL option when I comment using Blogger. I hope they don't force people to sign in to comment. That will shutdown commenting for good.

tinotchka said...

I've been trying to figure out the benefits of Open ID for a year. I met this woman named Kaliya (Identity Woman) about a year ago at a conference, and she was incredibly vociferous about it.

Maybe a PhD can make more of it than an MS can.

Anonymous said...

She seems a bit vigilant (and makes many spelling errors).

And, all my inifinite wisdom was auctioned off for a nickel. I demoted myself. Surprisingly, work got tons better soon after - it's still good too.