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November 13, 2008


At the risk of sounding like one of those obnoxious parents, I'm going to spout off about the chance that the kid might be a genius. And, it's not because she speaks French way better than I.

Late this afternoon was humid but warm outside. While preparing dinner, Frankie called me to the driveway. I was to set up a towel where she directed and I was asked to help her make chalk drawings. I made my usual art work and she got to work quickly on it, editing it to turn my human heads into bugs. Fairly easy conversion. As I was going through the chalk pieces, I put them aside and every once in a while, she'd rearrange them in order of frequencies (we didn't have indigo - talk to Crayola).

I asked her why she arranged them this way. She said, because it's like a rainbow. As a kid, I knew a rainbow to be a bunch of colors in the sky. I changed the order a few times on her casually putting the chalk back in a different order and, when she got to it, would place the chalk in the order: red orange yellow green blue violet. Even the violet! That sequence wasn't cast in my consciousness until late undergrad, pchem. This fascinates me.


Big Momma said...

A genius in the making!!!

donatelife said...

Smart kid!