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June 20, 2009

Tomorrow, I'm the King

Little help?

Tomorrow, I get my preference for a place to eat breakfast. What am I looking for? Likely, I'll order two eggs over easy, toast with butter, bacon - crisp, and good frigging homefries. Also crisp. It's astounding so few places can make good homefries/fried potatoes. Places that are good and not so good:

Wildflower Cafe
I believe they steam their potatoes when you ask for them well-done. If you don't, the potatoes are raw. And their fried eggs bad too.

Jack and Benny's
Not bad. They're in the running.

That diner on the north end of Short North on High
I forget the name. Really dingy. Ate there once long ago - don't remember it. I think it's good.

Bob Evans
The one at Graceland is ok, pretty good eggs and potatoes, but not perfect.

Ever since they pulled a quick one and gave Frankie French toast sticks from the microwave, they've been on my shit list.

We only have about 12 years left to save for Frankie's education. I suspect Northstar's potatoes have lived a long and free range life, but when he charges a zillion dollars to slaughter them for my breakfast, I'm no longer hungry.

Any ideas?


Lorence said...

not nearly as close as those, but the very best breakfast can be found at Starliner Diner (Huevos Rancheros or the Farmer's) or Louie's (starliner "knockoff", but pretty danged good and slightly closer.
I was treated to Der Dutchman today. Mmm, all-you-can-eat sausage gravy over hash browns...

Dave said...

I ALWAYS forget about Starliner! I've been meaning to get there forever. Thanks Lorence. Despite my "choice" today, Frankie has some strong recommendations today. She also told me last night, that because it's Father's Day, we could go to the movies to see the new movie "Ice Age 3: Dawn of Dinosaurs." So, not so sure about the whole "choice" thing today.

Happy Father's day to you buddy!

AL said...

tasi cafe - you can get out with an entree and coffee for $10 and the food is excellent

Miss Lexiloo said...

Are you talking about Betty's? Nancy's? Those are the only 2 I can think of down there.

Yeah, okay, I know Fathers' Day is over now, but the Frisch's Big Boy breakfast buffet is really good (WAAAY up north on 23 but worth it)

Dave said...

AL - never heard of Tasi, have to check this out.

Lexi - ding, ding, ding - you won. I went to Frisch's Big Boy - a guilty pleasure of mine.