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August 2, 2009

To Haarlem and back to Amsterdam Centraal and finally to Rembrandtsplein

Amsterdam Centraal to Rembrandtsplein (twice)

Amsterdam Centraal to Rembrandtsplein (twice)

This morning Frankie and I and a friend, Katherine, went to Haarlem, about 15 minutes from Amsterdam by train. Little drizzly, but reasonably warm. Had some coffee, got some aged Gouda and treats.

Back at Centraal, we found one of the best bargains (by bargain, I mean shockingly expensive, but cheap relative to other things) in Amsterdam. The electric-assist pedicab. They ride in the bike lanes, past the mobs of people and give a great tour because of how slow they go. (Then we left Frankie's umbrella in the cab; we retraced our steps clear back to Centraal questioning each and every pedicab driver, gave up and bought a new umbrella, and hitched another ride on a pedicab, ugh, tired) Great day though.

Moroccan tonight.


Nancy said...

Great pictures of Amsterdam, what brings you there? The cab looks like a lot of fun and all of the bike varieties are very interesting. Did you know there are quite a few Dutch bloggers? One of my favorites is a crafter named Corry whose blog is .

Dave said...

I found one Dutch blogger, he corrected my friet post on my food blog.

I'll catch dutch-blue when the kid finishes her bath, thanks!

Oh, here as a baby sitter during the wife's conference.