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December 16, 2009

The script from today's lesson

Today's lesson for first graders was about freezing a liquid to a solid using sodium acetate trihydrate. These 30 minute lessons are tough. One word used out of their vocabulary can initiate a deviation in their attention that turns into a small riot. The teachers are especially good at keeping the class in control and on task; their years of experience are evident in managing these gangs. The only tool I use to prevent me from babbling is a script card. I use very few words outside of this little index card. I don't want to babble and I have little time to think. Things heat up fast - and I can prove it.

Today, I wore my heart rate monitor. For the 10 minutes prior to the first demo, through to the end, 40 minutes total, here are my observations: My basal heart rate = 64 beats per minute. My average for the 40 minutes = 108 and maximum was = 147! Yes, it's nuts. Depicted is the message I like to enforce on the other side of my recipe card. Fortunately, no one ate anything today. Go hug your kid's teachers, and give them help.

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Not Important said...

That picture also serves as an unrealistic New Year's resolution.

My verification word is "unations". I wonder if this is somehow tied to the conspiracy theorists One World Government(tm) thingie.