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April 19, 2006

The power of doing absolutely nothing

A couple years ago, lightning struck our house while eating turkey tacos. Among the many electronic disturbances it caused, all but 1 telephone was left working. I fought mercilessly with SBC and they just said it was our problem. Well, chasing down Frankie was more important than having multiple phones in the house and we didn't do a darn thing about for a couple years (but sprint up and down stairs to try to answer the phone in under 5 rings - and fail).

Last night, our 1 remaining landline quit. Dead. I called Behemoth Phone Company and they said they'd get right on it. Right.

Today, all the phone lines in the house miraculously came to life. Our procrastination was greatly rewarded. This is so cool.


Anonymous said...

Enforced do-nothing-ness is a blessing to parents of young kids; really forces you to do something together, mano-a-mano, sans electronics. Happened to us a few years ago when the Northeastern seaboard lost power for 14 hours. We had a barbecue, turned on the sprinkler, grabbed the supersoakers, and roasted marshmallows.
And when the power came back on, a lamp that had been long thought to be dead, woke up! Go figure.

Anonymous said...

You're right Lisa. Now maybe if I wait long enough, the power windows on my car will miraculously start working. Your blog's a great visit.